PUNE- from Peshwa's rule to IT sector development

PUNE- from Peshwa's rule to IT sector development



Pune also pronounced as Poona is the second largest city of Maharashtra. It is known as the cultural
capital of Maharashtra.Pune was the first administrative capital of the Maratha Empire, the reign of
Peshwas.The Peshwas ruled Pune, Shivaji is one the most famous rulers of the time. Forts and Temples were contructed during their rule, these temples are still maintained til date. During the Peshwa rule hierarchy was preached to its peak, the administrator was god for the people, he gained respect and everybody feared him, none could question or disobey him. Festivities were common and regular, Pune is said to be culturally active since the time of Maratha Empire.


Some great revolutionaries like Bal Gangadhar Tilak and Jyotirao Phule lived here and actively participated for equality against Caste System(which was very prevalent there), equality for women and also for the struggle against Britishers. Pune was prominently involved for the struggle for Independence.

When you visit Pune, you will notice diversity of Culture,Religion and Lifestyle.
Marathas form the majority of population but other than Marathas, Sindhis,Punajbis and Catholics also
form the population of Pune.

the most famous temple of Pune

The Temples of Pune are its Pride.Pune has number of ancient temples, Parvati Temple is the most famous temple. It is one of the oldest heritage of Pune, built during 17th century,in olden times it solely
served as the place of worship of Peshwa Rulers.Its architecture portrays the Maratha culture.
Parvati Hill Temples is believed to be built during 17th century.At the Parvati Museum, located nearby, old manuscripts, rare coins and weapons, Sati Monument and Vetal Chabutra are housed. Situated at a height of 2,100 ft from sea level, the temple offers an aerial view of the entire city, as situated on a hill.
Other famous temples in Pune,Bhuleshwar Temple, Bhuleshwar Temple, built in the 13th century, dates back to the era of the Pandavas.Chathushrungi Mata Temple, dedicated to Devi Mata, is one of the three ancient temples in Pune. To offer prayers to the decorated deity of Devi Mata, the temple is
visited during the nine days of the Navratri festivities. Devotion of the worshipers in this temple stems
from the belief that the deity has eternal powers to bless the people devoted to the Goddess.
Festival like Ganesh Chaturti is celebrated with pomp and show in Pune.

celebrated with zeal and zest, the cultural Pune

Some other must visit tourist locations are Raja Dinkar Kelkar Muesem, located in the middle of the city
displays diverse crafts,pottery,paintings etc. depicting the lives of Rulers during the earlier times.
Osho Ashram is one of the perfect destinations for tourists, it provides peace and invokes the feeling of
spirituality and contentment.It is a yoga,meditation centre for the believers of Bhagwan Rajneesh.
A beautifully constructed campus provides positivity and refugee from the busy schedules, the best
place to relax and introspect oneself in Pune.As it is Pune is known for its peaceful environment,tasty
hygienic food, purity in air and positive welcoming people.

the old belongings of the rulers of Maratha Empire the ancient architecture in museums

the international meditation centre

Pune has become one of the best city for education especially,University education.Many students prefer going to Pune for graduation as it offers quality education, number of engineering and technologically rich institutions have gained name and respect over the time. The college life at Pune is admirable, it includes perfect academics,life cherishing hostel life,amazing night life and it also has interesting destinations for excursions around.Some famous Institutes are Symboisis College of Arts and Commerce,University of Pune,ILS law College etc.

hub for students from all over the country

The IT Sector has marked its progress in India and Pune is one of its major component.Many big automobile companies like Tata Motors,Volkswagen,Mercedes Benz etc. have their plants set up in Pune.Engineering progress,Industrial progress,Emergence of new as well as famous German companies all this keeps Pune busy and efficient in the field of overall economical development of the country and also by generation employment at a large scale.

If one visits Pune, one destination that cannot be missed is 'Shirdi' the land of SAI. The Sai Ram devotees from all over the country travel to visit the divine land to seek peace and blessings.Shirdi is just 2 hour drive away from Pune.It is one of the richest and most beautifully built temple and is always flooded with large number of people throughout the year.The residents of Shirdi are so fearless and devoted to Sai that their homes and workplaces have no doors, they trust their god or guru blindly and lead a peaceful,contended life.

the temple of SAI RAM

While travelling Pune one does not only explore a destination but can travel to differnt time periods from ancient Maratha Empire to the Technological World !!




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