Jaipur, The heritage of INDIA - The place that makes you feel ROYAL

Jaipur, The heritage of INDIA - The place that makes you feel ROYAL

Jaipur, called the pink city of India has developed with the passage of time but the heritage of the city is still as impressive as it was ages back. The city of Kings and Emperors,Empires,Palaces,Forts and Temples, makes the visitors feel like members Royal Class, the treatment one receives in Jaipur completely satisfies the saying "Atithi devo bhava".Jaipur's bright colors, mesmerizing architecture and crafts, full-fledged royal cuisine with treats one's taste buds best,the city has the charm to let the visitors dwell in its color in no time. The monuments and their history leaves one spell bound, the Forts of Jaipur are perfect epitome of the Raja-Maharaja Period.
Desert and its beauty

Jaipur is the largest city of Rajasthan and the capital city.The royal place is rich in heritage and a perfect versatile tourist destination.Lets learn more about the captivating attractions.

Monuments and forts

Hawa mahal

Hawa Mahal is a beautiful five-storey palace, also known as "Palace of the winds". It was constructed in the shape of a crown, that represents crown of the famous Hindu god, Krishna. It is a perfect example of the Rich Architecture of the Rajputana Style , it is located in Central Jaipur city, a prominent tourist attraction.It is famous for its windows also called "Jharokhas" which allowed passage of air "Hawa".
architecture at its best
Jal Mahal

Jal Mahal is the perfect place to define beauty, located in midst of sparkling water and lush green hills,in the middle of Man Sagar Lake.It was constructed long time back to serve its purpose as a dam, but is a tourist attraction now. A spot for the chirping migratory birds, the serene environment especially during evening and early morning gives immense relief.The scenery is picturesque and one feels extremely calm spending time with silent water and the melody of chirping of words.

City Palace

City Palace is a blend if Rajput and Mughal architecture, which showcases the lives of the royal families in Rajasthan.Some Royal families still reside there, it shows the proper sections for women and men, different halls for meals,discussions,entertainment etc. It is now a museum with a collection of ancient armors, jewellery ,weapons,uniforms etc.
Once you visit the City Palace, you can picturize the way of living of the Royal families, it invokes the feeling of greatness.You can see how the people lived life "King Size".

Amber Fort

Amber Fort (pronounced as Amer) is located at outskirts of Jaipur, it is the most renowned fort of Rajasthan. It is a huge fort, which looks old but has its beauty preserved inside. The carvings on the wall, the mirror art, the figure paintings, the description of the different sections, makes it a worthwhile place. The decriptions provided before the entry of each area gives a guided tour experience, it proves to be learning with pleasure. Eventhough the place is commercialised now but still offers rich heritage for the visitors.The Maotha Lake adds to the beauty of the fort, the view from the fort is
amazing as the lake and greenery together create a charm.Amber was the capital of Rajasthan before Jaipur.
the old capital of Jaipur

Nahargarh Fort

Nahargarh Fort is another famous fort of Rajasthan contructed in the 18th century, these forts served the purpose of defense during the war times.This fort is constructed on the Aravali hills, gives a breathtaking view of the Jaipur city.Being at at height gives a caricature view of the entire city.The best timings to visit Nahargarh Fort is during the time of sunrise or sunset, the view is mesmerizing.The famous bollywood movie Rang de Basanti was also shot at Nahargarh Fort, most of the scenes of fun and adventure have been picturised there.

Jaipur is famous for its religious background as well that is why it is nick named as "Choti Kashi".
People from all over the country visit Jaipur's temple because of their religious significance.

Birla temple

The Lakshmi Narayan temple is the original name of the Birla temple, devotees of Lord Vishnu and Goddess Lakshmi visit this temple. It is an epitome of beauty,peace and spirituality, it is an architecturally rich temple.It is constructed with white marbles in a modern way. It is an attraction for the explorers and travelers.

constructed with while marble

Galtaji Temple

This temple is few km away from Jaipur, and is the most famous temple of Jaipur. Some visitors travel to Jaipur to visit just the Galtaji temple. It is famous for its natural fresh water springs, it has naturally formed nine kunds having fresh water. It has such strong religious belief that the kund will never dry up, it has always had fresh crystal clear water.

Jaipur is known for its magnificent and vibrant culture , the crafts, jewellery, handmade items and home decor are very famous.It is impossible to skip shopping in Jaipur especially for women. The traditional jewellery made from kundan,minakari is impressive and the favorite for the buyers. The unique collection of textiles and paintings attract the buyers, because of its richness in design and art. The carpets are also available in abundance, the foot wears made from leather,jaipuri jutti, kolhapuri chappals available give comfort with style. The handiwork,handicrafts,gems etc are famous worldwide, Rajasthani design is best in its ethnicity. So shopaholics don't miss visiting Jhori Bazaar,Babu bazaar and Maharani Bazaar in Jaipur.
used for self-glorification all over the world

One of the most popular Entertainment spot in Jaipur is RAJ MANDIR, the humongous cinema hall constructed in 1979 in a modern way.It is also constructed in a artistic style, it has been the venue for many movie premiers.Watching a movie here makes one feel like a King/Queen being entertained in a palace. Cine-lovers visit very often. Raj Mandir is also known as "The Pride of Asia" which makes it a must visit place.

Chokhi Dhani-best place for seeking pleasure 

If you want to visit the real Rajasthan, Chokhi dhani is the best place. A village like resort with Rajasthani flavor, cottages constructed like huts, puppet show, cultural dance and singing performance, camel ride, handicrafts,and Rajasthani full fledged cuisine. All under one roof makes you feel like a typical Rajasthani, you can visit for few hours and you can stay there as well. It is the perfect place in JAIPUR to feel the Rajasthani charm.

constructed like typical Rajasthani village to provide pleasure and flavor

Food of Rajasthan

Spices,pickles, chutneys are the heart of Rajasthani cuisine. The most famous dishes of Jaipur are Pyaz kachori, Daal baati churma,gatte ki sabji etc. Pyaz kachori with imli and mint chutney gives proper khatta-meetha flavour and treats the taste buds.You will find numerous chaat bhandaar shops while roaming in streets of Jaipur,providing affordable and mouth watering street food.  

Speciality of Hotels in Jaipur

Even the hotels in Jaipur are constructed with typical rajasthani architecture, one of them being Hotel Fort Changragupt.This hotel's entry is through a huge gate which makes one feel as if he is entering a palace, the reception's interiors is also like those of palaces with waiting lounge displaying the Jaipuri paintings and hukka of the ancient time. The rooms also have paintings and curtains of the Rajasthani style, the restaurants and halls in the hotel are named as : Amrapali bar, Maharaja hall etc.these things adds flavor to the visitor's trip.The staff of the hotel is quick and co-operative.
The food is expensive and once you step out of the hotel , the surroundings are crowded which is the negative feature about the ambience. 

The people in Jaipur treat the guests whole-heartedly with love and acceptance, to be a guest in Rajasthan gives immense pleasure.As the popular phrase says "Padhaaro maare des" the people have a welcoming attitude and their personality makes you feel content and safe.

The heritage of India

You get culture,heritage,respect,acceptance, sumptuous food and royal ambience with just a trip to RAJASTHAN!!

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