TripOrTrap - About Us is the newest entrant to the family of Indian Online Travel Review Community. HOWEVER, believe us, is not going to be just another website on travel and hotel reviews?

Empathizing the various difficulties, hitches, mess-ups, and unhappiness that many of the travelers face during their trip, one question repeatedly surfaces; "Are these travel review sites providing the most Real, honest and accurate reviews?"

If yes, then why are there so much of grievances, complaints, and unhappiness prevailed among the trippers? After all, most of the trips now a day are booked online, based on the reviews and feedbacks published in these sites!

Diving deeper in to this perspective and apprehending the 'You' side of a traveler and his expedition experience, we have come up with this website. is totally dedicated to 'You'. Here, 'You' decide 'Your' journey, and the fate of the travel and tourism industry in the country.

The website will grow itself with the principle of 'Consumer Generated Content'. There will be enough freedom for the travellers to pen in their experiences with any (or many) of their trips made so far. You can talk about the destination, about the places and spots you enjoyed the most, about your mode of travel and transportation, about the food, food joints and eateries you enjoyed the most and most importantly every possible details of the hotel; its location, status, hospitality, service, room tariff, room amenities, parking facility, restaurants & menu, housekeeping services, cleanliness & hygiene, travel desk assistance, and alike.

This is not all!

The site also has a dedicated 'Travelogue' section for all travel enthusiasts, professional & fascinated travel writers, and travel enthusiasts, where they can speak their heart out about any dream destination they like. This will enable the numerous other travel planners live through the experience as a virtual tourist to that place.

This feedback and reviews will become vital information for numerous others planning to trip that place. Similarly, the fellow travelers? reviews about a new destination will be of interest to you. After you read these reviews, you will go to that palace, stay in a hotel, which is recommended and admired by most of the trippers. After you come back, you will definitely love to share your genuine feedback and reviews about your trip. The process of 'Read', 'Go' & 'Share', thus takes the shape of a wheel and repeats several times.

This way moves on to become an honest mirror of travelers and trippers like 'You'. has a very simple philosophy; 'You help Yourself'. As your review is going to save million others from a disgusting trip, similarly the reviews shared by others will help you plan a perfect and pleasant trip. operates as a true whistle blower in the Indian Online Travel Review Community. At one hand, our motto is to help every single tripper to enjoy his or her voyage to the climax, at the other hand; we aspire to witness a better organization and regulation in the Indian travel and tourism industry.

In the long run, this site is going to be a point of reference even for the hoteliers, travel and tour operators, and event organizers to learn about the tastes, likes, dislikes of their esteemed customers at a very ground level. The sector will boom as a more service and 'HOSPITALITY' oriented institution, and truly dignify the very essence of 'Atithi Devo Bhava' in the Indian context.

This is totally 'Your' space, where only 'Your' views, comments, feedbacks, likes, dislikes, and recommendations will become the opinion and voice of the website...

...And, someone has rightly said "YOU make the Difference".

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